For the longest time I have had dreams of travelling the world but I’ve been held back by finances. How often have you had a dream only to laugh at reality when you weight the possibility against your wallet? huh? How often?

The irony of my situation is that I preach the opposite of what I practice to my friends and anyone who cares to listen… “Don’t let your circumstances hold you back”, “You are greater than what your wallet can afford”… Don’t even laugh. I know it might come across as funny but I say things like that with good intention and not just because it is good advise, I say it because it is true.

However, saying the truth is only half the journey. Accepting it is where I fall short and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

One of my favourite piece of advice is that the experiences you’re able to have in life are not limited by your ability to dream but by your inability to do the work it takes to fulfil said dream. So, I went out and got a Job! It wasn’t a great paying job by any means, but whatever it took right? I was done dreaming or so I thought.

I quickly started saving and in a few short months (2 months to be exact) I was able to afford my first trip to Paris and to be honest, I cannot wait to go back. There are a lot more places I would love to visit now that I have harnessed the power of deliberate planing and focused execution.

There is so so much I can tell you on about Paris but, wouldn’t it be better if I showed you? Now that I’m close to completing another 60 days of work, I am very close to afford to take you along with me on a 12 hour tour of the beautiful city of Paris, on Google Earth.

If you are cheap like me you can find out more about Paris here