#KABAFEST18 – Day 1

The Kaduna book and arts festival 2018 started today  the 5th of September 2018 on a very high note I must say, and that’s really why I’m back here. My passion for writing has been reignited!


That was my first surprise. I was a bit late (45 I won’t tell you if it’s minutes or seconds because it’s obviously not hours or days) to the event as I was trying to navigate through this city that’s new to me. On getting to Silversand Hotel in the heart of Kaduna, I was indeed pleased by the level of organization and planning that went into this. All I had to do was tell the guys at the entrance my name and my ID card and bag was handed to me. This is my first literary event and I’m already making mental notes to attend more, *cough-cough akefestival­ cough-cough*.

…Bless me

My highlight of the opening ceremony was definitely the storytelling by the world renowned Mara Menzies. The way she spoke, just lit up the room… her hand gestures, body movements, the natural sounds she made and the way she engaged her audience by using us to dramatize her story did more to suck me into the story. The art of great storytelling perfected. I watched her flawless combination of techniques and was totally totally amazed. I think I’m in love.

So many celebrities were present too, there was great music by the legendary Jeremiah Gyang, poetry presentation by Ashiru Nagoma Dan-Auta, i know that’s a handful. even though I didn’t understand a word he said as his presentation was done in hausa, I enjoyed it no the less and I got to see Veteran Author Zaynab Alkali (The Queen) as she was presented with a well deserved lifetime achievement award for her work in helping advance literacy in the country especially in Northern Nigeria.

Moving around with my hands behind my back walking in slow gentle strides like the international observer that I am. there was really a lot to take in. How can I forget the well curated book store? The awesome selection of African literature, poetry, so many choices… my lord! It’s little things like this that remind me I’m poor, not for long though.

As the first half of the event drew to a close I knew I had to head back in bright daylight because I once again had to find my way back to where I came from. My people have a saying that the person that asks questions never gets loss and in the most literal sense of the saying, that was how I was able to get home. And by home I mean my Airbnb which would be my cousin’s house at the other end of town because mans cannot afford to stay anywhere closer, but not for long though.

I couldn’t stay for the second half which was the Art exhibition because, daylight. My fun fair is just beginning, this is day 1 of 4 and I’m super pumped for tomorrow.

This event inspired me. Thank you KABAFEST.

Thanks for reading. Cheers




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