Did you miss me?

I wonder why we set ourselves up to be lied to. In the few days weeks that I’ve been MIA not even one person asked where I had been, why I hadn’t posted or when the next post was coming. Don’t give me that look please, aren’t we all suckers for attention? I would go as far as making excuses for y’all in my head. After all, every one had a life. right?

“We were all busy”

I started this blog with the intention to vent and clear my mind through story telling, because I remember reading somewhere that self-expression was a form of therapy and I’d been through a lot mental torture (so I thought) and this was supposed to be my “cure”. Cheers to self-medication! For the first week, I felt really good. Woke up every day with a sense of purpose. I had a story to share! This trick was working!

I looked forward to writing everyday, I wrote every chance I got, every thought that crossed my mind (realistically speaking, not every thought). My enthusiasm for the world to be inspired, laugh at and share my stories was way up there. Like every great downfall in history it started from a very high place (right atop my high horse). As traction to my “site” increased, I got distracted. I began to obsess over the statistics. Who was viewing and where are they viewing from… I found myself checking the site stats every day, then twice a day and you know how the pattern goes. Not surprisingly, my views started dwindling even as my efforts to increase viewership intensified. What the bloody hell?! What could I be doing wrong? Who did I offend? Perhaps “my village people” finally found me.

I took a break.

One day turned into Two, the Sun rose and set a couple of times, and here we are!

Too much of anything they say; isn’t good for you. Even though no one ever teaches you how to identify when you’ve had enough and when to quit, especially when you’re ahead. So I headed to the one place I knew I would find the answers. Let me introduce you to YouTube University! A place filled with just as much bad advice as there is good, but this story isn’t about the pros and cons and how to differentiate bull shit from real shit, I hope to God that made sense to you too. Moving on, I was binge watching a couple of motivational videos on YouTube when this video on self-discipline was suggested, Thank you YouTube algorithms.

Guess who made it.

Yes, I’m actually pausing for you to guess. (why do we all do this?) this has never made sense cause I’m still gonna tell you before you guess correctly. it was by Terry Crews.

Why are all these “Old Men” having channels on YouTube? Yes Will, you have the mic.

Look, it’s difficult for me to deal with excess. It’s so easy for me to lose focus once there seems to be abundance. Even if it’s just a mirage, I still fall. I try time and time again but I still fall. It’s like there’s a curse that comes with having. My “village people”. The problem I’ve come to realize is that I lack self-discipline. Like every great rise in history started from the bottom, I’d hit rock bottom (so I thought).

So, I’m back. But this time I’m not making you any deal. I will just go with how I feel it. I understand now that nobody owes me anything and I don’t owe you either. If you like my writings, you will stick around.


I love every “Old Man” on YouTube making videos to inspire the Youth, wink wink Gary Vee.

“My village people” is just an expression we use in Nigeria to shift blame anytime things aren’t working out for us because in the past and in Nollywood, “our Village people” have been portrayed to be diabolical and enemies of progress. I believe this is a myth. Don’t tell my Village people though.

here’s the link to the video I talked about.

If you made it this far, thank you. Cheers!


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