The single greatest and most underappreciated asset we all have got, because we do not own it. An asset so underappreciated we refer to it as if it were a liability. Oh, I never have enough time, if only I had more time, there’s never enough time! right??

Yet time and time again as we sit and lament, we end up spending that same time watching other humans do the things we wish to be doing, because; …we just don’t have the time.

If you’re not smiling, it means you are evaluating your life.

…and if I can only touch one.

You see, I believe there are two types of people roles in this world, the creative and the consumer. One group is not necessarily greater than the other because they perfectly compliment each other and at various points in our existence, we switch between each role. The difference is how much time we spend playing each role. The YouTube community is a prime example of this analogy. These communities are everywhere, in the markets, at schools, in religious places, on television, on social media, look at us for example… yeah you and I. The same thing is happening all around us right now as we speak! At every little corner, some people are creating while others are consuming.

It is by no means a bad thing to consume, we all do it. I ate this morning and I could care less who planted the rice. The problem is not necessarily what we consume or how much of it we consume but why we consume it. Do you consume because you’re bored or do you consume so that you can create or recreate? Depending on what you do, or what you intend to do, you would give more time naturally to one over the other but even that time allocation, is a choice.

Speaking of consumption; YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (literally)

It is your choice to decide what you choose to consume or create and how much time you need to consume or create. – FREEWILL

I know that if it is really important to you, YOU WILL FIND THE TIME. This post is not an attempt to school anybody on time management as I have no moral standing on the subject matter to begin with.

After leaving home, I suddenly had more time to myself than I had even imagined (no thanks to NEPA). Time I previously thought I would use to create, write more on everything that was bothering me, continue all my abandoned projects and easily write on my blog everyday…

…BUT here I was laying down on the floor, making excuses.


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