HELLO WORLD (a cliché)

Hey Humans!
please call me Ali.
I’m an amateur at life out here trying to figure it out just like the rest of you, I suppose. If you’ve figured this sh*t out please comment below, so the rest of us can learn. Or better still hit my inbox, let’s make some money off your idea. 😀

Right now, I am literally on a journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and selfishness.
For the longest time, I gave so much of myself to the people I cared about and time and time again like clockwork the outcome has always been the same.

However, I do not have any regret because those “friends” made me appreciate even more the people who cared about me too. It was like God took all that negative energy and turned them into photons and handed me the brightest torch ever made to sort through my haystack of “friends”.
I can’t even be mad at them because I am nowhere close to perfect either. I’m actually the greatest A—hole on the third planet from the sun but also the sweetest at the same time. (I just read that back and it sounded terribly wrong but WTH right?)
If you didn’t get it, God bless your innocent heart. If you did get it, I’m looking at you sideways right now.

This blog would serve as a public diary of my journey to rediscover myself, as I intend to post a daily log of my experiences, share great stories, pictures and videos too.
The stories I’ll be sharing here will be true stories with a sprinkle of fiction because if we’re being honest what’s sauce without Maggi?
… still Sauce?!
that’s not the point. I would be changing the names of some people and places for obvious reasons but the story will remain original.

Before I left “home”, I was diagnosed with PND (Post NYSC Depression) by my friend Vince. Vince is neither a Doctor nor a Therapist.
I will therefore use this outlet as a form of therapy for me and hopefully anyone else who is feeling lost in this universe of ours. (yeah yeah, I’m self-medicating).
I really hope this helps, because you know what they say about self-medication, DON’T DO IT its dangerous!

Your comments, prayers, well wishes, criticisms and of course questions are all welcome. Oh and yeah negativity too, my torch needs more fuel. 😀

PS If you enjoyed reading this, Please share it. Your thumb won’t hurt, I promise 😉

Vince on Twitter @fauxfela
Ali on Twitter @ali_vinsane


14 thoughts on “HELLO WORLD (a cliché)

  1. This is so exciting!!!!! I'm literally jumping right now. I absolutely cannot wait to be part of this journey of self-everything! Lol. Break a leg Ali. I got your back!!


  2. I'm so excited. Stole some phrases too. Love the humor and sincerity in this piece. Can't wait to aee what you bring!


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